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Processing Solutions


Accepting all major credit cards for your business is essential in today's economic environment. Flagship Merchant Services will provide your retail business with a processing solution that fully satisfies the needs of you and your customers. Further, we ensure our credit card terminals are EMV and NFC compliant.

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Accept all major credit cards anywhere at any time with our wireless processing solution. Whether you want to accept your customer's credit card at their location or you want to be able to process transactions on the road or out in the field, our solution will enable you to accept credit cards in a cost effective manner that you can count on.

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No matter what type of dining establishment you operate, Flagship Merchant Services has the processing solution that will allow you to accept your customers' credit cards in an easy and efficient manner.

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Phone / Mail Order

Flagship Merchant Services will set you up with a merchant account for your phone order and/or mail order business. Being able to accept all major credit cards from your customers is essential and our solution will handle all of your processing needs.

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Internet businesses are on the rise in today's marketplace and Flagship Merchant Services offers the most reliable and widely used processing solution for a business looking to perform online transactions. Being able to accept all major credit cards through your website is easy and hassle free with the system we offer.

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POS System

If you have a retail business and you need an easy to use, but incredibly dynamic point of sale option, our POS system is unrivaled. Turn your iPad into a lean, mean selling machine with Banq POS.

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Digital Loyalty Program

Rewarding your loyal customers is essential for driving repeat business. Whether you run a salon or a coffee shop, our digital loyalty program allows you to track your customers’ buying trends so you can offer them the best deals at the right time.

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